“Yeah I know what I was feelin’ . . . / but what was I thinkin’?” –Dierks Bentley

Interesting, isn’t it, to look back over periods of your life from a
different perspective? I recently reconnected with an old friend
and found myself telling stories that the majority of my friends and
loved ones already know, and yet this guy missed out on over seven
years of my life, and so I found myself describing a past that sounds
so strange. The descriptions and the telling have a whole new
context . . .

So, then, I have an “assignment” for anyone reading this post who feels
interested in participating. If you know me personally, tell me a
story. Tell me one I’ve never heard, about a moment, event, et
cetera that I didn’t witness. Let’s get to know each other
better. And if you don’t know me personally, I highly recommend
reconnecting with an old friend with whom you haven’t talked in a
while. Tell him or her a story. You never know where it
might lead.