I was intentionally unspecific in my request for book suggestions. I’m open to any suggestion. I finished The Secret Life of Bees and will be moving on to Catch 22.

For those of you hoping for a citation for yesterday’s quote, my apologies. I strive to give credit where credit is due, but sometimes credit is unwanted. [My apologies also to said source for quoting you without permission.] I will, however, elaborate enough to say that the quotation is not from a TV show, film, or book,even if itis romantic enough to seem scripted.

Today’s quote is from The Secret Life of Bees, which I’m sure comes as no surprise. It is the type of line that reminds me just how infinitesimal I am in el diseño magnífico:

“It is the peculiar nature of the world to go on spinning no matter what sort of heartbreak is happening.”

Very profound, Ms. Kidd.