Funny little song listed above; again listed because it applies to my
day and not because I’m actually listening to it.  You can listen
to a cut of the song on Amazon (go for it — it’s short and amusing).

I thought about composing an entry encompassing a conversation I had
today with one of my housemates; weblogs annoy her because several of
her friends expect her to read their entries daily, and complain and
are offended when she doesn’t know what’s going on in their lives
because she hasn’t been daily reading their myopic novellas.  As
annoying as I agree that can be, that’s about all I feel like posting
on that subject (at least for today).

I also thought about posting some lyrics to a song I’m trying to write;
but the song’s not done; I don’t feel like sharing yet; and I don’t
think I’m ready to embrace this Xanga thing to the extent that I start
posting my own bad lyrics to half-written songs under the assumption
that someone cares.  (No offense intended to all you budding
songwriters out there.)

How about something positive and interactive?  A refreshing change, don’t you think?

Since two couples I recently befriended are pregnant and another guy
very close to my heart just became an uncle, how about a survey of
sorts (pick the question that best applies):
If you were (or if your wife/girlfriend was) pregnant, would you want to know the gender of your baby?
When you were (or your wife/girlfriend was) pregnant, did you find out the gender of your baby pre-birth?

Just curious.  Feel free to expound at will.  I think that’s enough, so I won’t post a quote for today.