I’ve been heartsick, and homesick, and subsequently depressing. 
Fear not; I’ll cheer up.  In hopes of elevating moods and stifling
worries of me being depressed, how about a more uplifting blog

Here’s lookin’ at you, kid.  (Directed to no one in particular . . . “you” being “the reader”.)

Thanks for reading my blog.  Thanks for at least pretending to
care what I have to say!  Ahh, the gratification of the
internet.  Rediculous.

I think it’s high time I got busy again.  I don’t want to revert
back to the insanity that was my entire education; I just want things
to do.  I think I’ll start making Christmas presents, and fixing
things around the house, and working in the yard, and all those little
projects I never seem to have time to do.

Look out world; I’m gettin’ crafty!