I’m sure you’ve seen what I refer to as “The Cracker Picture”, posted both here and on thefacebook.com.  (If not, scroll down to the Nov. 9th post.)  I love that picture, mainly because I absolutely adore my little sister.

So, in light of that, flash forward approximately 17 years:


We still argue.  We still disagree about all sorts of things.  We still look nothing alike.  She still drives me crazy, and I still make her mad like no one else can.

And I love her a hundred times more than I did the first time I ever held her in my lap (and she screamed so loud, you’d have thought she was on fire).

Hopefully someday more people in this wide world will have the opportunity to appreciate her musical talents.  I had the priveledge of hearing her sing in her home church last Sunday, and I cried.

If you know her, back me up here!  Let’s hear it for my wonderful baby sister!!

Here’s lookin’ at you, kiddo! (HA!)