In high school, Kim was one of the sweetest people I knew.  She baked cookies for her friends in theatre before big competitions and was a straight A student.  She mentored at a local deaf school and loved working with children.

Kim is now a middle school teacher.

My friend Cassie was incredibly artistic and creative; her unique perspective on life inspired all sorts of art, and she cultivated that passion on into college.

Cassie is now a graphic designer.

Jeff was one of my favorite tech-geek friends; he attended and hosted LAN parties, took charge of “dj-ing” our theatre trips, and even helped build a computer for Kim.

Jeff now controls the IT dept. of a local clinic.

One of my old boyfriends, Casey, was one of the most well-known guys in school who threw lots of parties.  If there was a stage, he found it:  school theatre, community theatre, local commercials, and a very prolific college career in theatre.

Casey now lives in Manhattan, pursuing the starving artist’s dream.

I was the first graduate of my high school to have completed four years of band, four years of choir, and four years of theatre.  I was over-involved in all sorts of extra-curricular pursuits:  I was a member of several different bands and choirs over the years; I sang in several different churches; I did community theatre; and I was determined to make it to NYU, where I spent almost five years completing a Bachelors of Music in Vocal Performance with a Specialization in Musical Theatre.

I am now the Executive Assistant to the President & CEO of a corporation in midtown Manhattan that invests in real estate and high-risk ventures.

Figure that one out.