It’s day two of the transit strike, and day six of my sore throat and laryngitis. None of my Christmas presents are finished because I can’t get anywhere to buy the last of my supplies. My house is in disarray, and Christmas decorations just didn’t happen this year.


My fantastic boss has been picking me up and dropping me off every day (let’s hear it for his driver!), and today also brought in a friend of mine and her boyfriend. It’s really true that a good employer can make almost any job worthwhile.

Even though I have whatever it is that’s afflicting my throat, my voice came back long enough on Sunday for me to sing in our Christmas Choir at church and to go caroling afterwards, which was wonderful.

I get to spend nine days back home in Texas, so I think I’ll have time to finish making Christmas presents at home, and I have such a loving and wonderful family that I doubt they’ll mind the delay.

Why am I upset about the messiness of my house?Five womenliving together and getting along is a miracle in and of itself, and we all have enough room to entertain and relax, so I’m just thankful for the living situation I have, really . . . there are so many who are homeless in this bitter cold weather . . . let’s say a prayer for all of them.

And Christmas festivities are at my parents’ house this year, for the first time ever. I’m sure there will beplenty ofdecorations and food and festive holiday spirit to fill the house to overflowing. Besides, I won’t have to put away anything!

All of this to say, no matter how rotten your Christmas season may seem, hopefully you can find something for which to be thankful. Peace and love to everyone.