Yeah, I said it.  They started out as forwarded e~mails; now they’re everywere.  Hey, man, I don’t really care what your favorite color is (unless I’m buying you a present) or whether or not you like to kiss in the rain (unless we’re dating, and then I’ll just find out for myself) or who you wish would fill out another of these dumb questionairres.  I even regret posting the results of some of the ones I’ve taken.  Forgive me for subjecting you to that.

However, a round of virtual applause goes to Paul Miles for his Miles Polls, because even though they’re often bizarre, at least they’re interesting to read.

All that being said, I’m going to ask a very personal question.  I just read an article in the NY Times ( ) that talks about the teen pregnancy struggle.  Readers, I’d like to hear your personal side of the story. 

If you are a teenager, are you sexually active; and if you aren’t a teen, were you sexually active in your teen years?  Why or why not?  It’s a very personal thing, but I think it’s a topic that warrants discussion.  If you’d prefer not posting your response on the internet, you can e~mail me at  I hope to discuss this further in my next post.  : )