Sometimes all it takes is a few sad episodes of The Gilmore Girls to put you in a weepy
mood.  You watch Dean and Rory break up, you come downstairs
and turn on your Misery playlist, and think, ok, even though I want to cry, and
I just may do it, at least maybe this will be creative fodder for a song or
two.  Or maybe that’s just me.

Being in a mood like this inspires me to share something I’ve learned
in the past three and a half years of therapy:  You have to let
yourself feel things in order to process them.  When you lose a
loved one, you have to acknowledge that grief and let it resonate in
order to get past it.  Whether that loss was the death of a
relative or a really bad breakup, there’s still grief to process. 
When you find yourself upset with someone, identifying the source of
that discomfort should take precedence.  Are you angry?  Let
yourself get angry, and learn how to handle your anger without taking
it out on someone else.  It’s ok to feel.  It sounds
touchy-feely earthy-crunchy, but I can attest to the fact that learning
to let myself feel is one of the things that has helped keep me sane in
recent years.  That’s part of the reason, as I sit here crying,
that I know everything is ok.  I just need to get this out of my
system.  I need this emotional release.  I need this
seclusion and the relief of a good cry just to help clear my head.

So find some time to yourself and go ahead:  scream in to your
pillow; curl up with a sad book, movie, or song and let yourself cry;
dance around the room with joy (naked if you so choose); let yourself
laugh obnoxiously loudly at something rediculous; go kick a rubber
trash can; let yourself feel.  We were created with feelings for a
reason.  Be thankful you have them.