It hit the news, and much like Dan Brown’s smash hit The DaVinci Code, many people said it would revolutionize Christianity.� If you’ve missed the hype, You can find�the article here:� �

I haven’t yet had anyone approach me personally and ask me how it affects my faith, but I’m supposing it’s just a matter of time.� Now that I’m no longer in college, I don’t encounter people who challenge my faith directly much anymore, but that doesn’t lessen my advocacy of knowing why one believes what one believes.�

Even if these texts are as old as they seem to be (and I’m not doubtful of the scientific research that has gone into dating them), that doesn’t necessarily throw my faith into a tailspin.� Dr. Albert Mohler, Jr.�has a very calm response to the news, which can be found here:�

And in case you were wondering, I enjoyed The DaVinci Code, but I thought Brown’s Angels and Demons was better.� I also really enjoyed the book listed below.� I like fiction.�