Years ago, when I was a freshman in high school, I befriended a guy whose personality was as big as his grin.  He was tall, a football player, and liked by most everyone who knew him.  He was a senior, and I felt cool because he wanted to be my friend, and because he was always so complimentary and sweet when we crossed paths.  We never spent a great deal of time together; we were just schoolmates who happened to get along well and had a few friends in common.  I may not have ever spent much time with him one-on-one, but I remember his smile, his laugh, and that mischevious twinkle he always had in his eyes, and his red hair.  I haven’t heard from him in years, and I’m sad that I never got to give him one last hug — he passed away in a car accident this weekend.  It is yet another reminder of the brevity of this life; I hope to see him again in the next.  God be with you, Daniel Stephens.  You will be missed.