Every now and again, I get a little homesick for my home state.  My sister gives me a hard time when I get this way; she never fails to remind me that it was my choice to leave.  It’s true; I turned eighteen and high-tailed it to New York, city of my childhood dreams, and I’ve now lived here longer than I did in the town where I graduated from high school.  Brooks & Dunn sing a lyric that says, “You can take the girl outta the honky-tonk, but you can’t take the honky-tonk, take the honky-tonk outta the girl.”  I don’t know that it’s that cut and dry, but clichés do exist for a reason.  So, in light of my homesickness, allow me the self-indulgence of telling you a few of the things I miss about Texas:

  • Texas flowers:  the Azalea Trail, bluebonnets and indian paintbrush, Tyler roses (especially from a van on the side of the highway), and honeysuckle;
  • driving down sunny wooded back country roads, windows down, country blarin’ on the radio, smelling pine;
  • the smell of freshly mown grass;
  • mayhaw jelly;
  • Wolf Brand Chili, Owens sausage, Chili Cheese Fritos, sugar Dr. Pepper (no corn syrup), Sonic, Arby’s, Chick-Fil-A, and Taco Bueno (I’m not usually a junk-food junkie, but when I can’t have it at all, I seem to crave it);
  • having a swing and a trampoline in the back yard;
  • having a back yard at all, especially when running through the sprinklers sounds so appealing;
  • having a back porch with a grill;
  • REAL Tex-Mex;
  • people who reinforce the meaning of “The Friendly State”;
  • riding 4-wheelers and getting dirty;
  • “the stars at night are big and bright *clap clap clap clap*” (people sing the song at me often enough for me not to miss it — it’s the night sky that I miss);
  • the gentle “song” of East Texas twilight (crickets, cicaedas, mosquitos);
  • and most of all, my friends and family.

For all you fellow Texans, feel free to add to my list the things you love about the Lone Star State.  For those of you who aren’t from Texas, I’m sorry.  (I’m kidding.  Mostly. )