It was early, and I’m not a morning person, but Holly and I got our butts outta bed and schlepped to Bryant Park for the kick-off performance of the Good Morning America Concerts in the Park series, featuring the Dixie Chicks.� It was a great performance, albeit short, and we had a good time — we ran into a few of Holly’s friends, struck up some idle chit-chat with a few soldiers (it is Fleet Week, after all) and were even interviewed about how we love the Chicks, how we’re from Texas, and how we want them to know that there are Texans that still love them even if they’ve been banned in most of our home state.� To check out pictures from the concert (fuzzy, but fun) go to .

Coming in to work in a cowboy hat prompted my boss to ask me why I had it on and why I was in such a chipper mood, which lead do a discussion about the Chicks’ controversy.� I’ll save all the discussion for a later post, but there was one thing he said that made me think:� “Freedom of speech ends where national security begins.”� Just something to chew on.

Just add “buy latest Dixie Chicks album” to my list of goings-on this weekend . . .