I like to cook.  I like spending time in my kitchen; I LOVE to eat; sharing food and meals and cooking for people makes me happy; and I think kitchen gadgets are nifty-keen-o (as my grandfather Bobby used to say).  I’m sure at least once in your life (assuming you watch at least a little TV) you’ve fallen under the seductive spell of an infomercial or two; for me, the “ooooooooh . . . maybe I do need that . . . .” happened with the Magic Bullet (a blender — google it if you’re that curious).  But I have exercized self-restraint, even after a local Texas TV news program gave it a thumbs up, because there’s a blender in my house already.  Then today, when browsing Simply Recipes (one of my blog addictions), I came across an interesting entry informing the public that mason jars are often compatible with blender attatchments.  (Link below.)  I can’t wait to try it out!