Light reading today – a random list of some of my favorite things, in no particular order, of course:

iced coffee (especially blueberry, although today, it’s pumpkin spice in my cup)

my comfy bed (and Cyrhino)

summer rainstorms

cooking for friends (last night Miranda and Joe came over for a dinner of baked fish over tomatoes and capers, cheese grits casserole, purple smoke salad, crispy cheese sticks, sweet iced tea, and peaches and blueberries with fresh whipped cream and pumpkin spice coffee for dessert)

my boss (he’s the best!)

Mardi Gras beads (my most-used fashion/home decor accessory as of late)

peppermint lotion (

peppermint soap (

Mentha Lip Tint (

* Are you spotting a trend here? *

CARMEX (my old stand-by, and a nightly ritual)

all things citrus-scented

Over the Hedge (funniest movie I’ve seen all year)

Tara Leigh Cobble (


Reeses peanut butter eggs (or pumpkins)

chili-cheese Fritos

LeSeur canned green peas

The Village Church (

Kate’s photography (

Picassa2 (Thank you Google!)

and pickled okra.

I’ll save the list of my favourite blogs and websites for another post. In the meantime, check out — he’s just getting started in the blogosphere. Leave him some love! (He’s also using WordPress, to which I’m considering switching my blog.)