Oh what a glorious meal I just ate.

London Broil, creamed spinach, buttered red bliss potato, and a glass of port to finish it off. 

For the London Broil, I followed the recipe I found on one of my favourite food blogs: http://www.elise.com/recipes/archives/001807moms_panfried_london_broil_steak.php

For the creamed spinach, well, those of you who’ve watched me cook know I like to wing it.  I heated a skillet to medium-high heat and melted about a tablespoon of butter, then added chopped garlic (tonight it was Polaner’s in a jar, though fresh is usually best) and sauteed it for a few minutes.  Then I added a bag of spinach (a little at a time, giving it time to wilt, so it would all fit in the pan).  I covered the skillet and let the spinach cook down until soft and bright green.  Then I added, oh, I don’t know, 1/4 cup of heavy cream, about an ounce of cream cheese, and about 1/4 cup grated parmesan (not the powdery stuff, real shredded parmesan) and covered it again to let everything melt together.  The red potato I microwaved.  For those of you who gasp at the thought of microwaving a potato, well, you try cooking in a New York studio apartment and let me know how it goes.  :o)  For that, I took one red bliss potato, stabbed it with a paring knife, and put it in a bowl with enough water just to cover the bottom of the bowl (not enough to cover the potato).  Then I put a plastic lid on top, since I couldn’t find the plastic wrap, and put it in the microwave for five minutes.  After the “ding”, I pulled the bowl out with a kitchen towel (HOT BOWL!!), uncovered it carefully, flipped over the potato, and put it back in for another five minutes.  After letting it cool a bit, I put it on my plate and added just butter and salt.  Oh, this meal was GOOD and very inexpensive (london broil is a rather inexpensive cut of beef).  I bought two large cuts (two london broil steaks, one of which I’ll freeze for later), two bags of spinach (the one I didn’t cook I’ll eat for the next few days as salad), a big hunk of feta (to add to that salad with the cold slices of tonight’s tasty beef), and four red potatoes for $15.  Sound like a lot for dinner?  Take into consideration that I live in Manhattan, and that these ingredients are going to feed me for AT LEAST four meals.  Hooray for simple meals!