Sadly, last night’s Philharmonic concert on the Great Lawn in Central Park was canceled due to rain. This was only after a faithful handful of us sat through varying waves of downpour; and as soon as the cancellation was announced, the black clouds blew out, white clouds blew in across a sky of blue, the sun and the birds returned, and not another drop of rain landed on the lawn. At one point, one of the faithful few shouted, “Tell the oboist to screw off and let the rest of ’em play!” (Poor oboists. Such a shame that their instruments are so temperamental. That’s why I switched to drums.)

We picnicked anyway.

Hopefully next Tuesday’s weather will be more conducive to outdoor performance. It will mean I’ll miss a night of stand-up at Waltz, but I think it will be worth it: the program includes Beethoven’s 5th. 😀

The rain did cool things down a bit, which was nice, though it somehow managed to pull down a tree in front of our house that’s been dropping branches for a while now. This isn’t the first time we’ve had to call the parks department for fallen branches off of this tree; though it’s a bit of an eyesore at the moment, and a huge mess, I must say it’s a small relief that the tree no longer has any branches left with which to crush cars, litter our yards, and impose itself onto the street and sidewalk. Poor tree. (You can find my basement-mate’s take on the matterat .)

My apologies on the lack of posts lately; hopefully soon I’ll have a few tales from my recent trip to Texas, and perhaps a few reviews.