While Danielle was here and we were out having pizza at PIE by the Pound (which I whole-heartedly recommend), I saw a contest box advertising a drawing for a free membership at CRUNCH! Gym.  I seem to have good luck with drawings, so I dropped my name in (although I think they probably call everyone who submits their information).  I won’t give you all the contest details, but basically I “won” a free week at CRUNCH! that was all-inclusive, at the location nearest to me.  I took a tour of the gym and met with one of the administrators, and discovered that it’s doubtful that I’ll be able to afford a membership there.  However, I didn’t want to waste my week, so I told the guy that I could use my pass the next day, and he signed it.  Tomorrow is my last day to use the gym, and I have to tell  you, I’m a little sad. 

Now I’ve never had a gym membership, and even when I had full access to both gyms in college, I hardly used them, a) because you still had to pay for classes anyway, and b) I was always so busy that I never made time to go to the gym.  However, I felt inspired and decided that I’d give it my all this week and see if I liked it.  I think those of you that know me will be totally shocked by my behaviour this week, too:  Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and today I got up at six and headed straight to the gym.  One morning I tried a stationary bike; one morning I used free weights and got some tips from a personal trainer; another morning was some sort of jogging machine; and today was a stair master and then an ab machine (because the ab workout class I wanted to take was canceled last-minute).  On Tuesday I took a really fun cardio class; on Thursday, a Capoeira-based sculpting class; and on Friday, a spinning class (in which the instructor personally came to me mid-class and grinned at me, saying, “Girl, you’re having too much fun!  You’re having more fun than anyone else in here!”).  On top of all the fun I’m having, I’ve had a lot more energy, and I’ve even lost four pounds.  I’ve been going to the free yoga classes in a park near my house all summer on Saturdays when I’m in town, and I just started swimming during Night Owl lap hour at Astoria pool, but there’s something about this gym that is infectiously fun.  My quads have been achy all week and I’ve worried a friend or two who think I’m over-extending myself, but I really think I’ve made the most of this week.  Too bad their membership is so darn expensive.

Maybe it’s time for me to re-evaluate my budget.