East Texans, you may have heard me this morning on KYKX.  Danny and Dru (along with the rest of the country) were discussing a recent interview with Ray Nagin: 

You probably can’t make out the section that I underlined, so let me spell it out for you:
 ” . . . when a ’60 Minutes’ correspondent pointed out flood-damaged cars on the streets [in the devastated Ninth Ward of New Orleans], Nagin shot back, ‘You guys in New York can’t get a hole in the ground fixed, and it’s five years later.  So let’s be fair,’ according to CBS.”

I’m sorry, what?

Basically what I said on air was that Nagin’s response is the kind of thing you expect to hear on an elementary school playground.  What’s next, a “yo’ mama” joke?  Our “hole in the ground” isn’t a hazard to anyone’s health; it’s a scab on a slowly healing wound, one that has psychological ramifications.  In the face of a terrorist attack, while our city was still under seige, we started the clean-up.  I know that Katrina caused more physical devistation than the WTC attacks, but New York has done a fine job of recovering, thankyouverymuch.  Do I even need to mention how insulting it is for him to respond in that manner to a city that immediately sent mobile medical clinics, firefighters, police officers, and engineers, and whose lawmakers worked on a program to ensure that New Orleans got the kind of federal funding that NYC received in 2001?

Ray Nagin is a booger-faced poopy-head, and he’d better learn to be nice, or we’re not going to play with him anymore.  Nyah.