Anybody remember that Amy Grant song “Hats”? Hats! One day I’m a mother, one day I’m a lover, what am I supposed to do? Hats! Workin’ for a livin, all because I’m driven to be the very best . . .

Anybody? Anybody? No? Ok. Well I used to like it. If I were a music downloader and a member of the white headphone army, I’d probably have it on my iPod. The thing is, even at a young age, I liked the idea of being a versatile woman, capable of filling many roles. (I also happen to LOVE hats.) So lately I’ve been trying to recreate a few old roles, if you will, one of which I love to do: being a make-up artist. Opportunities arise so much more frequently when you happen to have a close friend who’s a headshot photographer. :o)

There is beauty in simplicity. Holly, below, wanted a look that she could easily (and quickly) recreate, that emphasized her translucent green eyes and added some oomph to her lips. Take a naturally spunky-cute chick, add some strategic eyeliner and a carefully chosen lip color, mix in the very talented Kate Erin as a photographer, and TA-DA! You’re well on your way to fantastic headshots.

holly headshot

And here I am, in all my flabby-armed double-chinned glory, having fun in Peter Dressel’s studio (he gave us permission to use this photo) for the lovely Kate’s headshot session. Kate wanted to play uphertraditionalIrish coloring without over-lining her eyes. There was no need for blush on these naturally rosy cheeks! The session was even quicker and easier than most I’ve done, one because Kate is an excellent model, and two because I’d already done her make-up once before, including finding her signature lipstick color.

stylin kate

The best part of this is how much FUN it is.

Anyone want to volunteer his or her face to add to my portfolio? :o)