It’s late, and I should be sleeping, but when I got home, I wasn’t quite tired and needed some time to decompress.� So, after a� round of goodnight chit-chat with all but one of my lovely housemates� (the “but one” would be hard to hug g’night since she’s in Florida) I took a nice hot shower.� I was hoping that would turn my brain off.� Since it didn’t, here I am blogging.�

So here are a few things running through my brain on this delightfully drizzly October evening:

First and foremost, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, KATE!�

Second, PLEASE come see Danny and the Deep Blue Sea (

Third (and while we’re on the subject of TRDTC), the reading of Dead and Breakfast by Casey Jones went well last night.� We might not have had an enormous audience, but we had a lot of fun, by gum.� There’s a lot to be said for good company.� :o)

And Fourth, tonight on the train, two friends decided which muppet I would be if I were a muppet.� It made me want to take a poll.� You tell me:�

If Kyleen was a Muppet (who doesn’t love Jim Henson, really?), which Muppet would she be?

A)� Fozzie Bear
B)� Kermit the Frog
C)� Gonzo
D)� Miss Piggy
E)� Big Bird

Feel free to elaborate.