cheese grater
You may remember a post from January of this year with this same picture�in which I stated “Some things just grate on my nerves.”

After yesterday, I may start making it a semi-regular post.

Yesterday’s tiny grievances:

I woke�up late.

I tried to get out the door to church anyway, and couldn’t seem to find anything I needed.

I spilled�an ENTIRE glass of coffee ALL OVER my bedroom floor (under the dehumidifyer, under a laundry basket, on the rug, and a few splatters on my piano).

I subsequently gave up on making it to church.

I had a really bad hair day.

My contact fell out of my eye while I was waiting for coffee.

I kept missing train after train after train (and at�one point had three�of the wrong trains pull through).

I went shopping with�Jason, and he�couldn’t find anything in his size.� (At least I wasn’t alone in my frustration.)

When Jason’s Pepsi and curly fries flew off his tray (in no way his fault), I ended up with Pepsi all over my feet and in my face.

The cleaning woman at the food court said she wasn’t going to clean up the mess because it wasn’t on her side.

The teenager at Cinnebon was completely unhelpful when my card wouldn’t scan.

Half of the subway turnstiles at Herald Square are never open.� Why is that?

The inner liners in my favourite orange loafers are coming unglued.

I kicked over�my lamp.� Unintentionally.

Jason and I tried to watch Hitch on my laptop, but after the sound kept cutting out and my laptop decided to hibernate TWICE, I finally said “I quit.”

At which point I knocked my glass off my nightstand.

And then cried.

It’s times like yesterday that make me glad to have Jason around.� Sometimes you just need someone to hug you and say, “It’s ok.� Today is over.� Tomorrow is going to be a good day.”