Monday night, I knew I had produce that needed to be eaten, so I decided to cook for the week. I didn’t want to buy any extra ingredients, so I decided to make pizza (since I’d purchased a crust on sale) and soup. When my housemate Carolyn got home, she raved about how good the house smelled and asked for the soup recipe, and Mom said she was impressed that I made pizza without conventional pizza toppings, so I decided to post my, uh, process (can’t really say I followed a recipe).


I used a pizza crust in a can (rectangular, spread out on a cookie sheet), topped that with an “alfredo” sauce that I made by melting about 1/4 c. butter & 1/4 c. cream cheese over low heat while constantly whisking, adding in a generous sprinkling of nutmeg. (In hindsight, I probably would have made a bit more sauce.) WhileI pre-baked the crust briefly, I sauteed broccoli florets and asparagus spears chopped into 1 in. pieces along with diced red onion and a few cloves of garlic in olive oil until bright green. When I pulled the crust from the oven, I spooned on the sauce and spread it across the crust, and then topped it with the veggies and lots of crumbled feta cheese, then popped it back in the oven for about eight minutes (baking instructions are on the side of the crust can).


For the soup, I filled a big pot half-full with water and shredded what was left of a head of cabbage into the pot, and added two ham boullion cubes (the fat cubes that make two cups). I turned the burner on high and added a small can (juice and all) of mushroom pieces and stems. I chopped up some left-over sweet Italian sausage (probably about a cup, chopped) and added that to the pot, and then took the broccoli stems that were leftover from the pizza veggies and diced them finely in a mini-chopper (came out to about three and a half cups chopped, I think) and added them to the pot. Then I added a generous sprinkling of chopped dried bay leaves and about two tablespoons of whole coriander seeds, and several shakes of ground dried savory. I tasted the broth as things started to boil, felt it was still a little bland, and added some Emeril’s seasoning, and a liberal splash eachof Liquid Smoke, Kitchen Bouquet, and worcestershire sauce. I let it come to a rolling boil and left it boiling until everything was nice and soft and the flavors had melded, and then I let it cool and ladled it into individual containers. It paired nicely with oyster crackers and reheated quickly. YUM!