My initial recollection was that it had been a full decade
since I’d been up to the family condo in Colorado, though after further
thought, I remembered a ski trip in which I met up with my friend Josh (a
fellow drummer) at Breckenridge and skied with him for a day, thereby negating
the possibility of it having been a decade, since I didn’t meet Josh ‘til
moving to Hallsville, which wasn’t quite a
decade ago. (Though it is strange to
think that my first ten-year high school reunion isn’t too far off. Oh man.) Still, it had been nearly a decade, and I wasn’t sure how well I’d do back on the
slopes, despite having gone skiing for a week every year from age 7 to 15. I made part of the drive from Kansas into Colorado,
loving the beauty of the scenery and the feel of the road the whole way, and
wondering if I was just setting myself up to break a limb. We rented skis and then drove up to the condo
and got settled in, and even though a few bedspreads had been updated, it felt
as if I had been in that condo last week.
All sorts of happy memories came flooding back, both of learning to ski,
sleeping in the attic (this was the first time I’d ever not slept on the day bed in the back of the attic), building
snowmen, swimming in the indoor pool and spending time in the hot tub and
sauna, playing bumper pool and swapping Babysitters’ Club books with my cousin
Katie – so many memories of spring breaks and summer vacations in this duplex
condo on the side of a beautiful mountain!
I don’t know that I’ll ever tire of Colorado.
I think I could live there.

But I digress; back to the skiing. We hit the slopes the next day, and it was
almost like riding a bike as I locked my boots into my skis and hopped on the
first lift. I can honestly and proudly
say that despite the time away from one of the few sports in which I love to
participate, I didn’t fall, and I had no injuries! I got stuck on a lift at one point, which was
hilarious to all those watching, because my cousin Viv accidentally hit my ski
with the back of hers, knocking my leg back a bit and preventing me from
hopping off the chair at the right point.
However, I gave a small “Aaaiaiiiagh!” and the attendant stopped the
lift and helped me off as my family watched and laughed. Not too bad a track record, though,
considering that even when I was at the height of my skiing ability (I was
never Picaboo Street, mind you; just better at it than I am now) I still
sustained two head injuries. Never a
broken bone, though – something I hope to maintain, Lord willing!! I’m not sure I can even describe the majestic
beauty of those mountains, in the morning sun, as the sun set, in a blur of
snow, at the peak light of midday – breath-taking. This year, I had an added bonus – a mini-disc
player and headphones. Now, I must say
as a caution, if you are going to ski (or board) with a soundtrack, PLEASE be
sure you have the volume very low so that you are still aware of what’s going
on around you. Each day, I’d stay
headphone-free to get my “ski-legs” and then phone-up in the afternoon, always
making sure the volume was low enough that I could hear the skiers and boarders
behind me (and I don’t mean hear them yell – I mean hear the sound of their
skis/boards carving powder). What an
experience! The chill of snowy weather,
the smell of fresh mountain air, the glorious beauty of the mountain peaks and
fresh white powder, the feel of skis and the rush of adrenaline as you swish
down the mountain – nothing else compares.
You just can’t beat it. We hit a
few icy patches on the second day, but they were negligible and the powder was
unbeatable with the snow we got the first day.
I love skiing. I’m no expert;
even when I was more adventurous and better on skis, I wasn’t quite a
double-diamond girl (didn’t hit one black this trip; maybe next time!), but I
still can’t think of any outdoor activity I enjoy more. Can’t wait to wear the “I LOVE POWDER”
t-shirt Mom bought me.