It may be hard for you to understand, but I hope you’ll try.  I think if you’re honest with yourself, you’ll see some of your flaws.  Even though you give the appearance of being easy-going, when you get down to it, you can be really frustrating.  You don’t have a lot to offer, and even after the make-over you just aren’t what I need.  There are so many others out there, and I think I’ve found the one for me.  I’m really excited about the new possibilities, and I wish you wouldn’t make this so difficult; do you really think trickery is going to convince me to stay?  I’m sure you’ll still have plenty of loyal followers even when more people like me outgrow you, because there will always be an endless supply of younger, less experienced, less demanding people out there who settle for your kind of treatment.  But as soon as I can get everything packed up, I’m gone. 

So good-bye, Xanga.  Please stop making this transfer so difficult.  If our mutual friends ask about me, you can send them over to WordPress.  I’ll be there for a while.