Here I am!  At the moment I’m in the process of switching to WordPress from my blog over at Xanga, for which I’m not providing a link because I do NOT recommend it.  In the meantime, whilst I make the switch, I thought I’d give a list here, in no particular order, of other blogs I frequently read, and why:

Here’s to Hindsight  — “The Occasional Blog of Tara Leigh Cobble.”  I love her music and I’ve seen her perform live a few times.  I’ve also read her book, Here’s to Hindsight, which I recommend.  We have friends in common, and, oh, I also have stickers and her autographed headshot.  I’m sooooo cool.

 Our Story — the personal blog of my friends Ken and Sarah, fellow members of The Village Church and sources of coupl-ey inspiration.  Also, Ken has become my go-to geek since most of the computer nerds I followed around in high school are still in Texas.

Tom and Alissa — another personal blog of another adorable couple who also happen to be members of my church.  People I’d like to get to know better.  :o)

WORD. — a poetry blog by Marie Yi, another TVC friend.  I’m a subscriber, because even though she hasn’t updated in a while, I hope she will soon.  Oh, and she is an AMAZING Fashionista of the coolest degree.  The Devil may wear Prada, but someday the Saints will wear Marie Yi.

Scott’s Simple Story — Noticing a trend here?  Also a TVC member, and an elder to boot, not to mention father of three with one on the way.  Be sure to check out his wife Hallie’s work and their family site.

 One-Way Plane Ticket — it was fun while it lasted.  Ben’s a friend I met whose company (and time in New York) was all to brief.  This blog, now sadly stagnant, chronicled his time here.  I love the way he writes.  Maybe when he’s done with seminary he’ll start a new one.

Hungerdunger, Hungerdunger, Hungerdunger, Hungerdunger, and MacCormick — Clearly a Marx Brothers’ fan, he’s got tasty tidbits of information on the latest cultural goings-on, from stars of the big screen to stars of the night sky.  He’s also my one and only Uncle, the man I idolized as a kid.

Homesick Texan — she’s a recent discovery for me, and boy howdy am I glad I found her.  A fellow expat Texan living in New York, if you wonder what I really miss about Texas, chances are you’ll find it on her site.

mattbites — also born and raised in my great home state, Matt’s a food blogger in Cali with adventurous and indulgant tastes and a dramatic flair with a camera.  I like his style.

Simply Recipesrecently awarded Best Food Blog – Overall in this year’s Food Blog Awards, this woman can cook.  I love this blog.  She’s the source for the London Broil I love to make.

Confections of a Foodie Bride — I just found her blog, but so far, I like it.  She’s Texan and she loves to cook, and she has an entire series dedicated to not being a Food Snob.  Enough to keep me tuned in.

A Fridge Full of Food — the food blog of Glenna Anderson Muse, writer, foodie, and respiratory therapist.  If you read my blog, you might recognize her from her personal site since she’s one of the few non-high-school blogger who also uses Xanga.  I admire her down-to-earth approach to food and weight issues.

This Fish — the popular personal blog of Heather, an irreverant, sassy ex-Mormon navigating her way through the New York singles’ scene.  Kind of like that friend you know that always seems to have some crazy story.

dooce — another popular personal blog by another ex-Mormon named Heather, this woman openly and unabashedly chronicles her life as a wife, mother, and quasi-famous blogger living in Utah.  She’s funny, bizarre, and unapologetic.  She’s that friend you have that CREATES the situations that become funny stories.  Or at least makes them funny in the telling.  Plus her daughter is ADORABLE.

The Frugal Duchess — it’s not the most brilliant writing on this list, and sometimes the deals she finds in Miami don’t do me a lot of good, but I’m always appreciative of someone who helps me (and thousands of others) save a dime here and there. 

These are the blogs I check five days a week, along with the list of Xanga subscribers listed here:


All of the Xangans listed above are personal flesh-and-blood friends and aquaintances of mine.

So until I get this site really up and rockin’, happy reading!  I may post a list of non-blog sites I like later.