Somehow, I skipped a few people!

A few more links on my RSS feed (yay for Google Home):

The Molten Marmot — he’s a little behind with his blog, but I’m confident he’ll catch up.  :o)  I like the site design, too.  Who is this lava-like marsupial?  The wonderful husband of my Fake Aunt.  Family isn’t always defined by bloodlines.

Kate’s Ramblings — actor, director, producer, songstress, photographer, web designer, renaissance woman; Kate’s a close friend from college and the creator of The Red Door Theatre.  My subscription to her blog is just another way for me to try to keep up with what’s going on in her life (which isn’t as easy as it might seem, even though she’s a fellow “Queener”).

Beyond the Yellow Brick Road — Kate’s lil sis, whom I affectionately call Shanibeth and mercilessly harass since my own baby sister isn’t quite close enough for torture.

Mental Flotsam, Mental Jetsam — actor, voice-over artist, writer.  He’s not a maniacal, egotistical anti-grammarian determined to ruin written language all over the earth with his dastardly purple stinkyness, but he played one on TV.  Also the man who coined the above-used term “Queener”.  He’s, ah, special.

Left Finger — a friend of a friend, both of whom went to college with me, she used to write I’m Just Not That Into You, which was a great read.  Let’s hope that she’ll pick up the pen again.  And by that I mean sit down at her keyboard again.

It’s a small world — he’s just getting started in the blogosphere, so show him some love, people.  One of the funniest guys I know, I’m one of many of his friends who like his writing who’s been encouraging him to start blogging. 
* link reinstated at author’s request

 Ok, I think I got everybody.  If not, let me know.