It seems like it ought to be hotly-debated, but I haven’t heard much on the news lately regarding this issue.  I know that birth control altogether has been hotly-debated for years, but I’m wondering how men (and women, too, actually) feel about the issue.  I discussed it briefly once with a guy I was dating, in the hypothetical sense, and the conversation went a little something like this (take into consideration this was several years ago and I’m paraphrasing as best I remember):

“So how do you feel about male birth control?”
“What the heck are you talking about?  You mean a vasectomy?”
“No; I mean something less permanent.  You know, like a version of the pill, but for guys.”
“That totally makes me uncomfortable.  I would never do that.”
“Why not?  Why does it have to be the woman’s responsibility?”
“It seems dangerous to mess with your body like that.”
“But women do exactly that.  Besides, if we got married, don’t you think you’d be the one more likely to remember to take care of it?  We both know how forgetful I am.”
“Yeah but female birth control has been out for years.  They know how it works and how to deal with what it does.  Male birth control would be way experimental, and I don’t want to be an experiment.”

That’s where the conversation trailed off.  It was, as I said, hypothetical, and wasn’t a crucial discussion since we weren’t getting married any time soon (and weren’t sleeping together).  He’s really the only guy with whom I’ve ever discussed it though, so when I came across the above article, I was curious.  Anybody want to weigh in with their two cents on the issue?