I tend to be finicky about what I put on my blog; I like to put things out there that I think will be interesting but that won’t illicit too much criticism. I blog safely. Go with the jokes I know get a laugh instead of new material. I felt inspired in church today, however, and picked up a pen on the train ride from lunch. So here goes; I’m putting out a rough piece of straight-from-the-brain writing. It might be a poem, maybe a spoken word piece, or maybe a song. For now, it’s just words on a blog:


Inspiration comes, but
time eludes me.
I need discipline to make
these dreams reality.
My talent sits upon a shelf
hoping I’ll reveal myself
wishing I’d come out to play
but I put it off one more day

one more day

and another day

My mind hums with
songs unsung, unheard.
My fingers strum
no instrument. No word
have I written
no notes on staves
I don’t give God
the praise He craves

I put it off one more day


That’s it for now. I’ll go out on a limb and say let me know what you think.