I’ve been tagged!  Josh was tagged by Alissa who was tagged by Annie who . . . ah, I digress.  Anyway, the rules of the meme are thus:

1: Each person starts by posting 8 random facts/habits about him-/herself.
2: People who are tagged then write a blog post about their own 8 random things, and post these rules.
3: Each post should include 8 tags of (presumably previously un-tagged) other bloggers.
4: Participants should notify the other bloggers and tell them they’re tagged, and ask them to read the accompanying blog.

So with all that out of the way, here are 8 things that most of the blogosphere doesn’t know about me:

1.  This actually might be an unknown for a few people who know me “in real life”:  I’m a mutant.  Seriously.  My mutated genes expressed themselves by giving me one blue eye and one brown eye.

2.  I am very afraid of Kevin Bacon.  Therefore I have not seen Footloose, Mystic River, and definitely not Hollow Man; and I covered my eyes and hid during his appearances in Apollo 13 and A Few Good Men.  I’m getting twitchy just thinking about him. *shudder*

3.  I couldn’t burp out loud until I moved away to college and learned to belch from my freshman year roommate, Beth.  My mother is horrified by this new-found talent.

4.  I tie my shoelaces by making two loops and tying them together — none of this bunny-around-the-tree-and-in-the-hole nonsense.  My mother swears she didn’t teach me this.  I have very vivid memories that would indicate otherwise.

5.  Once, at summer camp, I “beat up” a boy I liked with a stuffed manateeuntil he said, “Ok! You win!”  I never have been very “normal” at flirting.

6.  I am not allergic to poison ivy or poison oak.  (Unless I’ve developed the allergy recently, but I’d rather not test it.)

7.  I still have one of my baby teeth.  (I do not, however, have any of my wisdom teeth, nor do I, as of my last check-up, have any cavities.)

8.  I have never broken a bone.  (I have plenty of scars and great accident stories, though!)

Now on to the tagging.  In the spirit of encouraging people who don’t blog often [ 😉 ] and those who probably don’t get tagged much, I tag Sandra, Bethany, J, The Molten Marmot, Ken & Sarah (who could do it jointly or separately), HHHMcC (which should be interesting), Kyle, and Elissa