Sometimes I tell the blogosphere what I had for dinner.  Last night, I ate with one of my housemates, Rachelle, after she got home from work.  I heated up leftover lemon chicken with roasted potatoes.  She had tuna on Christ. 

What, you want an explanation?

 Ok, fine.

Rachelle came home exhausted not wanting to cook (understandable in our hot humid weather).  She had a can of tuna, but didn’t have bread and was tired of matzoh, so she asked if I had any bread.  I told her I didn’t, but that I had some leftover pita.  She said that’d be fine, and when I brought it to her, she asked where it came from (I don’t usually buy pita, and this wasn’t in a package, but wrapped in a piece of wax paper).  I told her it was leftover from church, she asked why we had pita at church, and I told her it was from communion. 
She gave me the funniest look, and said, “Wait, I can’t eat this!  I don’t believe in Jebus!”  (Yes, she said Jebus.  It’s a running joke.) 
I said, “I promise it’s not magic pita.  In fact, I can pretty much guarantee you won’t wake up in the morning miraculously converted.” 
And she said, “Ok, but if I wake up tomorrow a Christian, I’m totally coming after you.”
And I said, “Nah, you’ll be too busy WALKING, AND LEAPING, AND PRAISING GOD!”  (There was a song and dance with that, but darn the Internets, I can’t really recreate it with text.)

But the best part came after dinner, when there was leftover pita.  Rachelle asked me if I wanted to put it in my fridge downstairs, and I said, “No, you can keep it.  You need Jesus more than I do.”

 Can you tell which one of us is Jewish and which one is Presbyterian?

[Disclaimer:  this conversation was all in fun and is not meant to spark a theological discussion/debate in any way.  Somewhere in the midst of the conversation last night, she couldn’t get the pita open, so I opened it for her, which lead to an entire other joke about bread being broken, etc., but I didn’t want to seem too blasphemous.  Just know it was really funny.]