I’ve enjoyed Domino Magazine since its first issue, though I don’t have a subscription.  (Being that I’m a bit of a pack rat, If I had a subscription to every magazine I really enjoy, my basement would overflow with pretty pages and articles and I’d be spending as much for monthly subscriptions as I do on the gym membership I’m not using.)  Since I’m not a subscriber, I browse their website often, which is how I discovered Scrappy Girl.  I like her style, and I relate to her indecisiveness.  Back in April, she made an offer I couldn’t refuse:  free vintage sheet music.  I didn’t know what I would do with it, but I knew I had to have it.  What possibilities!  I could decoupage it onto a shoebox to hold photos; I could simply frame it and hang it in the hall; I could paste it onto a lampshade . . .

It arrived in the mail, and weeks later, I found a purpose for it:


I used spray adhesive to mount it to the ugly veneered cabinets and then edged the cabinets in red tape (echoing the tape already on the walls).  The top cabinets are as yet unfinished, so you can see what the bottom cabinets looked like beforehand.

 Things are coming along nicely in the basement.  Thanks, Scrappy Girl!