I’ve had a few friends, both real and virtual, who’ve commented about and/or questioned me about my blog.  Some people would like me to update more often; some had some specific content requests; others just said, “Dude.  I didn’t know you had a blog.”

Just sort of FYI, here are a few things you can expect from this blog, and a few things you shouldn’t.

 I usually post about:  cooking & decorating (mine and others’); funny stories; things that bug me; my own creative attempts; and random facts about myself.

I might someday post about:  books I’ve read; music I like; music I’ve written (but don’t hold your breath); theology, religion, & spirituality; places I’ve visited.

Then there are things that I probably won’t post about (though I rarely say never):  my dating life, past or present — some former boyfriends read this blog, and I don’t feel the need (or have their permission) to share their lives with the internet; my job — my boss is fantastic, and I like what I do, so don’t expect much more detail than that (because people have been fired from their jobs for blogging about them).  I also try to be very conscious of the fact that anyone could read this blog; my whole family could be reading this site!  My pastor could be reading this site!  My boss could be reading this site!  I try to keep it real, but keep it family-friendly, too.