They’re one of my favourite bands, and I can finally say I’ve seen them in concert.  Jason and I had pretty good seats last night at Jones Beach, and man, these guys know how to ROCK.  They opened with “Love in an Elevator”, which tops the list for me, and the show was amazing from there on out.  Highlights include:

Steven Tyler.  Racoon tail in his hair.  Flaming red pants.  Does he get any more awesome?  How does he still do it?  I don’t understand why, but that man just oozes sexuality.  Which he bestowed on a monitor, the stage itself (prostrate on the stage floor with his iconic microphone stand), a few random fans lucky enough to be stage-side, and Joe Perry.  Of course.

Speaking of Joe F*****’ Perry:  at one point, he jumped up on the drum platform, bending over backwards across the trap set, and fingered chords while Joey Kramer beat the strings with his sticks . . . incredible.  Just incredible.

Dream On.  I think Steven Tyler has sold his soul to Satan in exchange for indefatigable vocal chords.  Holy Moses.

 And to top it off, I was with Jason, who is one of the biggest Aerosmith fans I know.  He knew almost every word, every song by the first note they played, and provided me with all sorts of cool and interesting facts before, during, and after the show.

So what if we ended up crowded in a cab that took over half an hour just to leave the parking lot?

So what if I was a little chilly on the train platform?

So what if we got on the wrong train and ended up in Babylon?

So what if I didn’t get in until after 3am and subsequently ended up 2 hours late for work?

 Last night was TOTALLY WORTH IT. 

And I can’t think of anyone I’d have rather attended the concert with.  Here’s to Aerosmith; and here’s to you, Jason, and to our first decade of friendship!  ROCK ON!