Josh has been harassing me about how little I update my blog; and I was inspired by the roundup of Early Fall Favorites over at 101 Cookbooks, so I decided to do a roundup of my own of links and things I wish I could purchase/cook/design/create. 

Check out Heidi’s Espresso Caramels — they look like a good idea for Christmas and Chanukah presents.  Guess I’ll have to invest in a candy thermometer. 

 You may recall that recently I splurged on a gorgeous red leather sofa.  I love it, and I’ve been rearranging and decorating the living room ever since.  Currently, I’ve arranged a stack of floor pillows with a throw to fill an awkwardly empty space next to the TV.  One of my housemates and I discussed the possibility of replacing it with little square ottomans with trays and storage, in a pretty brown leather, like these:


We would order two of them to sit side by side.They would be functional and fashionable, which is a must in a small apartment.  But then, as I was searching online for them, I found this:

Full Leather Brown Tray Ottoman

 I think I might love it even more.  Same concept — those top cushions flip over into trays — but it’s one unified piece.  The deciding factor will be cost and space. 

I also love this cuckoo-free clock from Wal-Mart:

Retro Cuckoo Clock

But I can’t think of anywhere in the house to hang it at the moment, so I should probably wait to order it (even though it’s only $15!).

 I’ve also recently subscribed to Chester’s Clean House, which you should check out for cleaning tips from the male perspective.  Useful and succinct.

I went shopping at the GAP yesterday, and drooled over this green corduroy blazer: 

They’ve already knocked about $15 off the price; hopefully there will be another discount before they sell out completely.  I love it!

 For those of you who don’t read the New York Times (or aren’t privy to the service where I post many, many of their articles that interest me), they ran an article about people who are re-purposing bits and peices of (mostly) IKEA furniture.  As a reclaimer, recycler, and re-creator, this is highly appealing to me.  The article introduced me to Ikea Hacker, which has inspired me to try and customize a new desk out of the two old ones I have now.  If I make the time to do it.  We’ll see.  I’ll blog about it if I do.

 That should keep you busy and entertained for a while.

 Oh yeah, and check out Alissa Wilkinson‘s photography on Etsy.  She’s really good.  I just bought a print from her Petals & Light series that I LOVE.