I’ve been tagged again, by my blog-buddy at UnlikelyMe, for seven more random things about myself.  Yikes, if we keep going on like this, I’m going to run out of things to tell the internet.  Sheeblies.

 1.  I wear Mardi-Gras beads.  Often.  At the moment I’m wearing four different strands, all pearl-coloured.  My uncle has been going to Mardi-Gras in N’awlins for years, and has amassed thousands of beads that I inherited when he and my grandmother and I cleaned out his apartment.  When I first moved into my apartment and was totally broke, I decorated with them.

2.  I once wore a grass skirt to school.  (Junior high.  I was considered a weird kid.)

3.  Back when people still put paper bookcovers on their textbooks, I once covered an entire textbook cover in lipstick kisses and sealed them with packaging tape.

4.  I have three golden pothos ivy plants named Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego.  They live with me in a dark basement.  I thought they were good names for plants growing in adverse conditions.  Sometimes I talk to them, because I proved that this can help plants grow with an experiment in 7th grade involving a golden pothos ivy plant named Wilbur, who would still be with me today if my dad hadn’t accidentally composted him when we moved.

5.  I wrote a lot of dark poetry when I was in my early teens.  (Isn’t that a common angst outlet for kids coming into themselves?)

6.  I like peanut butter sandwiches with pickle.  I am not now and have never been pregnant.

7.  According to Bethany, I was apparently a cool kid in high school.  Funny how I didn’t know that.  🙂  I’m not so sure; what do you think, internets?  Was I cool?  (I’m second from the left.)