I don’t usually rant about things, especially when I feel I’m not as informed as the people directly involved in situations.  However, I’ve had more than one friend go off complaining about the Writer’s Strike, taking umbrage with the writers (they’re not writers themselves).  Plus I have a raging head-cold, which makes me cranky, so it’s my turn to RANT.

LAY OFF!  Do you KNOW what the writers are demanding?  Have you asked a writer?  Have you read any of the literature they’re handing out?  I will admit that this may be bias on my part; I am friends with a writer or two.  One in particular has really struggled with this strike — not because she doesn’t support the guild, or because she doesn’t feel that what they’re asking is fair, but because she’s a soon-to-be-mom who will be giving birth and trying to provide for her child in the midst of this strike.  She’s not selfish.  She’s not whining that if they don’t give her more money, o god, she’ll have to sell her BMW and re-mortgage the bungalow in Malibu.  No, what she’s fighting for is fair pay for all the writers most of you know nothing about because they don’t make much money and therefore aren’t of interest to the media.  And the cause that she champions would actually give MORE struggling film and TV writers a chance at a career!  Think I don’t know what I’m talking about?  Maybe you’re right.  Challenge me on it.  But those of you who’ve just ranted and ranted over what you’ve heard televised about this strike (and does that seem like a reliable source, considering?!) without researching what’s going on, you’re getting under my skin.

Ok, I’m done.  Back to sneezing and sniffling and croaking out, “Good morning, ******** Corporation, Can I Help You?”