I know some of you are hoping I’ll continue the discussion about the Writer’s Strike, but I’ll be honest and tell you that it’s probable that I won’t.   I have, however, had a few requests for blogs, so I hope to tackle these in the upcoming weeks.  First, I got the following one-line email last week: 

So how long are you going to make your adoring public wait for an Argentina blog?

I hadn’t planned to take this long to blog about my trip, but alas, I’m not even done putting up all the pictures on facebook yet.  Holiday Craziness is upon us!  I also had a request, after my post about the little black dress, to discuss the difference between it and the little red dress (and the importance thereof).  Hopefully soon I’ll tackle that, and also my confession of the item in my closet that appears much more often than the LBD . . .

And for those of you who know how much I like interior design, hopefully I’ll be able to regale you with tales of the two projects I’m tackling after the holidays:  two of my guy friends have each asked me to assist in the redecorating of their respective apartments.  Woohoo! 

 But the biggest upcoming event in my life will actually be making it through December, which will include throwing our annual holiday party with my housemates; and touring my sister and four of her college buddies around NY for a week, which will overlap with the arrival of my entire family, several of whom will be staying with me, and all of whom will be at my place to celebrate Christmas Day.  That’s right, folks — I’m hosting Christmas this year.  I feel so grown-up (and a tad nervous!). 

So you haven’t heard from me in a while for good reason — get used to it.  🙂