The blog shelteriffic does a round-up post called blogwatch that highlights blogs they’ve perused in the past week.  Inspired by that, I thought, even if I don’t have the time to sit and write out a bunch of blog posts, I can at least direct you to some other places that had content I enjoyed this week! 

So here you go, straight from my browser history, in no particular order:  A friend’s new website that follows the life of Bean, a little character ADORED by those that know her.  A friend’s review of Cloverfield that amused me.  A project I’d love to tackle if I had the time and new how to read crochet patterns.  Fantastic musician who’s also a friend of mine.  The very first time I heard him perform, I immediately went home and bought all his CDs.  Interesting article about heat.  My latest spontaneous endeavor which promises at lest interesting stories if not the love of my life.  😛  Handy reference for looking up verses in different translations.

That’s all I’ll post for now . . . Happy Browsing!