Just got back from another fabulous fourth — this year, I took my friend Josh home with me to good ol’ Deep East Texas for some small-town family fun.  Though he didn’t experience the same itenerary that my housemates did two years ago (which is good, ’cause I don’t know if my body could have handled another round of falling off a horse or a mechanical bull), we had a great time. 

For as long as I can remember, we’ve gathered around a game table at (my mom’s parents) Nunna & Bobby’s house to play all sorts of games as a family.  Chicken foot dominoes are a family favourite, but my personal favourite is Scattergories.  It seems to be the game that makes us laugh the most.  Classic example:  around six years ago, when Bobby was still with us, we got together down in MP for Thanksgiving.  My boyfriend at the time had joined us, and was “getting in good” with the family.  After all the extended relatives left, we sat down at the game table:  my parents, Nunna & Bobby, my sister, and me and the boy.  Now, Nunna gets a little competitive when there’s a game going on, and she is a WHIZ with words, so we were all trying to be creative in our word choice.  The category was “Things Found In the Ocean” and the letter was “A”.  Bobby said, “Arm”.  My sister, ever the contrarian, said, “Arm?! There are no arms in the ocean!” [Note:  why we didn’t argue that scuba divers have arms, I don’t know.]  Bobby said, “Uh-huh, an octopus has eight of them!” And Alyssa immediately replied, “Nuh-uh!  Octopuses have testicles!”  As if that wasn’t funny enough, it took Alyssa a few seconds to realize what she’d said, and by that time, the boy had turned two different shades of red at hearing my then-thirteen-year-old sister say “testicles”, which made Nunna laugh so hard she nearly shot milk out her nose.

Ah, good times.  So of course, this trip home, I had to pull out Scattergories.

Highlights of this weekend’s game include:

Category:  Diseases
Letter: E
Alyssa:  “Erectile Dysfunction.  It was the first thing that came to mind!”  (This is EVEN FUNNIER if you know  my sister.)

Category:  Things That Are Disposable
Letter:  G
Nunna:  “G-String”  (This one made my mother laugh until she cried.  Please note that my grandmother does not now and never has played a stringed instrument.  She wasn’t referencing instrument strings.)

Category:  Things You Carry in Your Purse/Wallet
Letter:  C
Josh:  “Condoms.”  Game stops, Nunna’s jaw drops, and she just stares at Josh.  He says, “What?  Not me!  I don’t carry them!  But some people do!”  I nearly wet my pants. 

Makes me want to go out and buy the game myself.  Anybody at a loss for what to give me today?  😉