Age old question:  Why am I here?

I’m not sure I’ve figured that out yet.  Swirl it around in your head for a while, rephrase it: 

What am I doing with my life?

Ah, yeah, I’m working on that. 

In no chronological order, here’s what happened:

A few nights ago, I did a reading of a new musical about the building of the Brooklyn Bridge (a fascinating story, actually — it took 13 years — and was completed 125 years ago this year), and after we finished, I got a chance to go out to dinner with the creative team.  The writer wanted to hear my life story, which she asked for in a single line.  “Can it be a run-on sentence?”  Talking with her, after having the chance to work on a really challenging music theatre piece, reinforced the realization that I really enjoy having creative musical outlets. 

Rewind a tad further, to a few Sundays ago, when I got a chance to catch up with a friend of mine.  She’s the kind of friend who can listen to me ramble on, talking in vague terms about feelings and thoughts and tangential ambiguities, and then turn around and distill what I just said into concrete ideas that could be of some use.  For what felt like the umpteenth time, I blathered on about wondering what it is I want to do with my life, and she helped me realize that I’d really like to be a music director in a church, somewhere, someday.

Ok, so what do I intend to do about it? 

So far, I’ve taken a few steps toward this goal.  I have been blessed with many fantastic friends, one of whom happens to be the music director at a church in town.  He has agreed to help me by accompanying my new voice student (that’s right, scary thought! I’m teaching voice lessons), and then afterwards giving me piano lessons.  I’ve also signed up to head up the music “committee” for my church’s fall retreat this year, and I’ll be directing our Children’s Christmas Choir. 

So if I put it out there on the internet, am I more or less likely to make it happen?  We’ll see.