Hooray for the first day of Fall!

Autumn in New York is so awesome, there have been movies made about it.  🙂

This is my favourite season.  The weather cools — the air is crisp and chilled and breezy, a refreshing, invigorating change from the humid, sticky, langorous heat of summer.  I start to sleep better, bundled at night under a cosy comforter (lately, I’ve reverted back to the leopard-print comforter that lived on my bed all through college — I’d forgotten just how comfy it is).  And of course, it’s soup weather!  I recently stumbled onto a blog devoted to daily crock-pot cooking, and she has some recipes I can’t wait to try.  Fall fashion is my favourite — I love the look of blazers and scarves, high boots and crisp button-down shirts, light sweaters and long-sleeved dresses.  It’s apple season!  And pumpkin season!  The leaves will start to change.  I’ve already made the switch from iced coffee to hot (and Starbucks’ Pumpkin Spice Latte is back on the menu).

Plus this fall is going to be really busy, but I’m looking forward to it.  Red Door has a production coming up in October — the Halloween Harvest Festival has invited us back!  I’ll be traveling to Minnesota for a wedding (crazy road trip!).  I’m taking piano lessons and teaching voice lessons, helping coordinate the music for our church’s fall retreat, and working on directing a children’s choir for our Christmas service.  Add to that my regular line up of Theatre Thursdays with my uncle, the resurgence of the Astoria Home Fellowship Group (we’re studying terrorism!  seriously!) and various and sundry social engagements, and I’m already pretty booked.  Wonder where I’ll ever find time to hang out with Kyle when he finally moves? 😉  Plus Cheryl has finally come to town (WOO!) and Casey’s on his way back, which should be fun.  I think I may have to have an HHS party at my house.  Crazy! 

All in all, I’m really glad it’s autumn.  And really enjoying the fact that I am currently sitting in Bryant Park, in the crisp air cooling as the sun sets, grass between my toes, with a functioning laptop that will actually connect to the internet.  Sweet.

Too bad it has a not-so-stellar battery life.