Friends, I am SO EXCITED!  The acapella group I was in back at NYU, the N’Harmonics, is having an 11-Year Reunion Concert (if you knew the group, you’d know why it’s both hilarious and fitting that we missed the 10 year anniversary of the birth of the group).  YAY!  YAY!  And again I say, YAY!  I’ll be performing again with N’Harms past and present:  talented vocalists who founded and preceded me in the group, people I had the privilege and pleasure of rocking with, and the newest members (’cause the group rocks on!).  As usual, there will be a theme, and we’ll be doing some of my favourites!  Here’s a little taste — a recording from years ago.

Free Your Mind

It’s a live performance so it’s totally unmixed.  And yes, I’m the obnoxious “deet deet deet” voice.  I promise I won’t be so overbearing on Friday.  (Well, ok, I’ll try.)