I heard on the radio this morning that a recent study concluded that happiness is contagious; I’ve always thought that to be true, and therefore try to spread happiness in my world by being a happy person.  I also try to count my blessings, to make an effort to focus on all that I have been given to minimize the hurt of a loss or defeat. 

So in light of the Thanksgiving season that just passed, and because it is December and I see no reason to have a blue Christmas, I thought I’d take some time here to remind myself of all the reasons I have to be grateful and joyful and content.

~  In a time when most of the nation is feeling the crunch of a downward-spiraling economic recession, I sometimes feel like I am in a “bubble” of sorts:  I have no debt (except for one school loan); no mortgage; my rent is affordable and hasn’t gone up (and my landlords are great people); my job is stable and my income is sufficient; and I have no dependants.  For this blessing, I am grateful.

~ Much of our world is at war.  I live in a nation that, although we are at war, is not under attack, or war-torn.  Relative to the rest of the world, I live in a safe, comfortable nation where I have many, many freedoms which I often take for granted.  For this blessing, I am grateful.

~ I have a church home in which I feel loved and nourished.  We may have our issues, but what family doesn’t?  For this blessing, I am grateful.

~ I have so very very many wonderful friends who love and support me.  I could go on for days about this blessing, really.  I had a friend who once bought me a winter coat when mine was stolen.  I have a friend who has started sending me a text message reminder for things she knows I’m likely to forget.  I have friends who regularly lift me up in prayer.  Friends who have helped me clean and organize.  Friends who wash my dishes (thanks, housemates!), carry heavy things for me, listen when I need to rant, advise me, hug me when I’m sad, and dance with me when I’m joyful.  For these many, many, many blessings, I am grateful.

~ I am in good health.  For this blessing, I am grateful.

~  I have a wonderful, loving, functional (really, Mom, we are! mostly…) family who supports me and cares for me, often in ways I didn’t know I needed.  This includes the greatest little sister on the face of this planet, of whom I could not be more proud.  For this blessing, I am grateful.

~  Despite my struggle with accepting it, I am still single, and yes, still thankful for it.  I say this to remind myself:  for this blessing, I am grateful.

~  I know true and amazing grace and real love.  For this blessing, I am grateful.

Can I get an Amen?


Update:  This is my 200th blog post.  Woo.  🙂