Sometimes my iPhone makes me feel soooo cool. (Then I go and do things like use three o’s for emphasis and I realize I’m really not.) I’m on the plane with this little device set to “airplane mode”, blogging with my thumbs. Ooooh, aaaah, technology.

Texas was great (in case you didn’t pick up on that by the reluctance to leave in my last post). Aside from not getting to see Cass or Heather and really missing Decker (may the BEST DASHCHUND EVER rest in peace, *tear*), this was yet another fun and relaxing Texas vacation. As has become a recent trend in my sojurns home, I got a chance to catch up with several friends from my childhood/adolescence – one of whom I haven’t seen in fourteen years!

Speaking of 14 years, I lost my watch. I’ve had the same watch since seventh grade (though from ’02 to ’04 I wore a nice 3-alarm Fossil watch, a really nice gift from Tish which is another story altogether). This is a pretty big deal for someone who would most likely leave her head somewhere if it weren’t so well attached to her body. I had to put in one of those little round bowls when I went through security at Love Field, and when, after RACING to make my next connection in Houston, I shook my wrist to look at the time, my heart sank. I immediately knew I’d finally lost it. After I got home, I told Mom about it & she offered to call airport security the next day.

Turns out it was in the bottom of my purse! Score! One less thing to beat myself up over.

(Clearly this blog entry was only STARTED on the plane. Heh.)

Can’t remember where I was going with this. That’s what I get for leaving a draft to sit for a week.

Awkward ending, aaaand go.

. . .