Grrr. I’ve been looking forward to this trip for weeks. My friend Cass lives in New Mexico, and this was supposed to be a three-day mother-daughter weekend of margaritas and girl talk in the mountains. I should have arrived in Albuquerque late last night, but two flight reassignments and one pointless $47 cab ride later, I STILL haven’t left New York. Between recession-inspired cancellations of all direct flights from NYC to ABQ and inclement weather in Minneapolis, I’ve been handed enough frustration to withstand a dirty martini and a Disaronno & coffee, and all it cost me was 14 hours of my vacation. Joy. Good thing I didn’t give up coffee or alcohol for Lent, or I’d be, well, let’s keep it G-rated and just say unpleasantly cranky.

Also, I’ve really fallen off the wagon here with blogging. Anyone still reading? Hit me up in the comments.

*title references one of my favourite Jake Armerding songs. Incidentally kinda wishing I’d gotten stuck in Minneapolis on the off chance I could’ve gotten to hang with him & his wife.