Ah, friends, where to begin?

I hope you enjoyed the Banana Bread.  I also hope you’ve got me on RSS feed, because, well, I’m sure you’ve all given up checking daily for new material.  (If not, well, aren’t YOU the cock-eyed optimist! And today’s your lucky day.)

I simply have Too Much going on in my life to write it all down right this second, but I would like to start blogging again.  (We’ll see how long this birthday resolution lasts, eh?)  So, if you’re reading, take a look at the list of potential topics below and hit me up with a comment letting me know which you think is most interesting.

1) My latest culinary adventures, including super-simple grilled asparagus;

2) Stories from my childhood — perhaps that time I got my head stuck in a ceiling fan?

3) Random design ideas that I currently enjoy — and no, I’m not really into Eames, though it’s popular;

4) Kyleen’s Tip of the Day! How to do/make/re-purpose something useful, culled from my own brain, my family’s tips & tricks, or perhaps somewhere out there on the innernetz.

And yes, I’m in a new relationship, and no, I still don’t want to blog about it.  Well, not regularly anyway.  🙂

So far, 27 is off to a GREAT start!