I’ve been told that the blogosphere needs more blogs about specific subjects.  Since I have a lot of love for a lot of things, I can’t say this blog will be all that specific, but I hope the perspective of a 20-something single woman who’s both a sixth-generation Texan and a free spirit who’s been deeply in love with New York City since age 8 will keep you entertained.  Thanks for reading!


3 Responses to “Howdy! How you doin’?”

  1. Sandra W Says:

    Just found your blog…you are hiliarious. Oh, and you can have my 2 kids also!

  2. Louis Says:

    Read mine and I’ll read yours.

    (We met formally at Matt Brinkley’s gig this past Monday, Sept 22).

    And leave me your email address, sil vous plait.



  3. Bob Says:

    Hey —

    Long time no talk. I’ve got a quick question for you (and don’t have an email address for you).

    Shoot me an email asap. Thanks!

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