Ah, friends, where to begin?

I hope you enjoyed the Banana Bread.  I also hope you’ve got me on RSS feed, because, well, I’m sure you’ve all given up checking daily for new material.  (If not, well, aren’t YOU the cock-eyed optimist! And today’s your lucky day.)

I simply have Too Much going on in my life to write it all down right this second, but I would like to start blogging again.  (We’ll see how long this birthday resolution lasts, eh?)  So, if you’re reading, take a look at the list of potential topics below and hit me up with a comment letting me know which you think is most interesting.

1) My latest culinary adventures, including super-simple grilled asparagus;

2) Stories from my childhood — perhaps that time I got my head stuck in a ceiling fan?

3) Random design ideas that I currently enjoy — and no, I’m not really into Eames, though it’s popular;

4) Kyleen’s Tip of the Day! How to do/make/re-purpose something useful, culled from my own brain, my family’s tips & tricks, or perhaps somewhere out there on the innernetz.

And yes, I’m in a new relationship, and no, I still don’t want to blog about it.  Well, not regularly anyway.  🙂

So far, 27 is off to a GREAT start!


Manhattan was ravaged by a catastrophic flood of epic proportions. The city was almost completely submerged, which made it vulnerable to an oceanic invasion: an attack by a giant squid, red and black and bulbous, tentacles nearly as long as the Empire State Building. The few remaining survivors raced from deserted apartment to deserted apartment scavaging for something among putrid ababdoned refrigerators. Then, just as a scientist was starting to explain why we desperately needed more broccoli salad, I woke up.

I think my brain is tired.

Sometimes my iPhone makes me feel soooo cool. (Then I go and do things like use three o’s for emphasis and I realize I’m really not.) I’m on the plane with this little device set to “airplane mode”, blogging with my thumbs. Ooooh, aaaah, technology.

Texas was great (in case you didn’t pick up on that by the reluctance to leave in my last post). Aside from not getting to see Cass or Heather and really missing Decker (may the BEST DASHCHUND EVER rest in peace, *tear*), this was yet another fun and relaxing Texas vacation. As has become a recent trend in my sojurns home, I got a chance to catch up with several friends from my childhood/adolescence – one of whom I haven’t seen in fourteen years!

Speaking of 14 years, I lost my watch. I’ve had the same watch since seventh grade (though from ’02 to ’04 I wore a nice 3-alarm Fossil watch, a really nice gift from Tish which is another story altogether). This is a pretty big deal for someone who would most likely leave her head somewhere if it weren’t so well attached to her body. I had to put in one of those little round bowls when I went through security at Love Field, and when, after RACING to make my next connection in Houston, I shook my wrist to look at the time, my heart sank. I immediately knew I’d finally lost it. After I got home, I told Mom about it & she offered to call airport security the next day.

Turns out it was in the bottom of my purse! Score! One less thing to beat myself up over.

(Clearly this blog entry was only STARTED on the plane. Heh.)

Can’t remember where I was going with this. That’s what I get for leaving a draft to sit for a week.

Awkward ending, aaaand go.

. . .

Thank you, Anne, for your list of gifts, which  included this little treasure:
nativity ducks

I think you already knew I was going to take it to the next level:

Quack! the Herald Angels Si-ing,
Glory to the just-hatched King!
Beaks on earth, and feathers wild,
God and swimmers reconciled . . .

Take it away, punny friends, in the comments . . .

The blog shelteriffic does a round-up post called blogwatch that highlights blogs they’ve perused in the past week.  Inspired by that, I thought, even if I don’t have the time to sit and write out a bunch of blog posts, I can at least direct you to some other places that had content I enjoyed this week! 

So here you go, straight from my browser history, in no particular order:

http://itsbean.blogspot.com  A friend’s new website that follows the life of Bean, a little character ADORED by those that know her.

http://jalan46.livejournal.com/17446.html  A friend’s review of Cloverfield that amused me.

http://www.lionbrand.com/patterns/70375AD.html?noImages  A project I’d love to tackle if I had the time and new how to read crochet patterns.

http://www.jakearmerding.com/home.shtml  Fantastic musician who’s also a friend of mine.  The very first time I heard him perform, I immediately went home and bought all his CDs.

http://www.nytimes.com/2008/01/02/dining/02curi.html?pagewanted=2&_r=2&sq=harold%20mcgee&scp=2  Interesting article about heat.

http://www.crazyblinddate.com  My latest spontaneous endeavor which promises at lest interesting stories if not the love of my life.  😛

 http://www.biblegateway.com/  Handy reference for looking up verses in different translations.

That’s all I’ll post for now . . . Happy Browsing!

I know some of you are hoping I’ll continue the discussion about the Writer’s Strike, but I’ll be honest and tell you that it’s probable that I won’t.   I have, however, had a few requests for blogs, so I hope to tackle these in the upcoming weeks.  First, I got the following one-line email last week: 

So how long are you going to make your adoring public wait for an Argentina blog?

I hadn’t planned to take this long to blog about my trip, but alas, I’m not even done putting up all the pictures on facebook yet.  Holiday Craziness is upon us!  I also had a request, after my post about the little black dress, to discuss the difference between it and the little red dress (and the importance thereof).  Hopefully soon I’ll tackle that, and also my confession of the item in my closet that appears much more often than the LBD . . .

And for those of you who know how much I like interior design, hopefully I’ll be able to regale you with tales of the two projects I’m tackling after the holidays:  two of my guy friends have each asked me to assist in the redecorating of their respective apartments.  Woohoo! 

 But the biggest upcoming event in my life will actually be making it through December, which will include throwing our annual holiday party with my housemates; and touring my sister and four of her college buddies around NY for a week, which will overlap with the arrival of my entire family, several of whom will be staying with me, and all of whom will be at my place to celebrate Christmas Day.  That’s right, folks — I’m hosting Christmas this year.  I feel so grown-up (and a tad nervous!). 

So you haven’t heard from me in a while for good reason — get used to it.  🙂